10 modern real estate logo designs

Modern branding and design for real estate companies

Beautiful and meaningful logos are everywhere, and the real estate world is no exception. A modern real estate logo, normally, is not what you’d expect to see, it is not the house image that is so overused in the real estate world and construction world.

Let’s list the 10 modern real estate logos that have an impact:


Compass is a New York, NY based real estate company that was founded in 2012 by Ori Allon and Robert Reffkin. Its logo screams modernity and simplicity. It does not have anything in common with a real estate company and that is what makes it so great looking and eye-catching. The “O” with the backslash mark inside represents a creative and smart-looking compass.
Simplicity always wins as long as it is used right.

  1. CAZA group.

The CAZA Group is a Reston, VA real estate company founded by Rob and Kim Chevez. It is part of Keller Williams Realty that is a modern looking logo by itself. The CAZA Group logo is modern and uses a simple red square that catches the eye and makes you read the letters inside and below. It is a smart approach to branding.

  1. Century 21.

Century 21 is a Madison, NJ based real estate company founded in 1971 by Arthur E. Bartlett and Marsh Fisher. It had a quite recent rebrand that resulted in a modern real estate logo and brand that is as unique as simple. The whole brand package can be seen here. It is stunning(in our opinion).

  1. Red Oak Realty.

Another simple and eye-catching logo that uses vibrant red color, a square, and the uniquely stylized letters that create a great brand that simply put, stands out from the crowd.
Red Oak Realty is a California based company of 160 agents and 21 staff with Vanessa Bergmark as the owner CEO.

  1. Zeller Realty Group.

Zeller Realty Group is a commercial real estate investment and development firm based in Chicago, IL and founded in 1988.

  1. Circa Real Estate Group.

Circa is a Colorado Springs, CO real estate company founded by Jeremy and Carrie Isaac. Its logo is connecting the modern design with the old era imagery. The font used goes well with the old looking with a modern twist door key. Simple and memorable.

  1. Aaron Kirman Partners.

Aaron Kirman is a Los Angeles, CA leading real estate agent that focuses on the luxury market. His logo speaks luxury and sophistication while being modern and simple.

  1. Julian Pilarski.

Julian Pilarski Real Estate Group is a Toronto, Canada based firm with Julian Pilarski as founder who is one of Canada’s top performers in the industry. His logo represents professionalism and sophistication where simplicity is once again at the core of the brand.

  1. The Group.

The Group is a Fort Collins, CO real estate firm founded in 1976 with Brandon Wells as its President. The logo above is a modern real estate logo that the company acquired after a brand update. The logo looks great and catches the attention of the viewer thanks to its unique “G” icon that makes you think what it is composed of and what it tries to say. Simply put, catchy.


REALTY ONE GROUP is a Laguna Niguel, CA based real estate company founded in 2005 by Kuba Jewgieniew that prizes itself on its COOLTURE (COOL + CULTURE). Its logo looks as modern as it can be. the unique “ONE” with the hidden “1” between N and E makes it COOL and meaningful.

The modern looking real estate logo designs are powerful. Their look speaks volumes and connect with many people. So, ditch the overused house shaped logos, and choose a great designer who can keep your brand up to date and ready for the future.