14 reasons businesses must post regularly on social media

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Every day business people starting out, are wondering how do I get customers and how do I retain them. There are many things that can be done but we will list 14 reasons why businesses must post regularly on social media.

1. Increase Brand Awareness and Visibility.

This allows you to tell people you exist. Nowadays everyone is using social media to interact. This is an organic way to be visible.

2. Higher Search Engine Result Page(SERP) rankings.

Social media is able to boost your visibility only because your posts are attractive to your audience. The more engagement your posts get, the wider your reach becomes.

3. Better Conversion Rates.

The more people see your post regularly the better chance they convert into customers. Your post consistency speaks volumes about your business work ethic.

4. Build Brand Loyalty.

Brand loyalty is a very hard task that is well worth every effort. Once you have a brand loyal customer, he/she begins to refer you to others and may stay loyal for life.

5. Retain Customer Interest.

Having a social media account for your business but rarely using it is not going to do much for your brand. The key is to retain customer interest with regular updates about new products, announcements about offers and constantly providing customers with useful information.

6. Build Credibility and Goodwill.

Your social media activity gives customers a better understanding of your business and how it functions. It also allows them to scrutinize your brand. Customers can determine if your business practices are in accordance with your business motto, vision, and mission.

7. Customer Satisfaction.

Good and positive intentions always lead to great things. It is important to build credibility through high standards and good business intensions. A simple failure to deliver trust may cost your brand money and reputation. Satisfied customers are your brand ambassadors.

8. Public Relations.

All of us know just how important PR is when it comes to businesses. Good PR helps you stay relevant in the minds of the customers. You can use your social media platform to reach out to not just your customers but to members of the press as well.

9. Market Research.

Social media marketing can also help you know your customers better. By regularly updating content, you are bettering your chances of gaining an insight into what makes your customers pay attention to.

10. Build Brand Authority.

By providing informational content, you can build brand authority. Instead of waiting for your customers to come to you with their queries, you can make it a point to regularly post on social media with content relevant to your product/service.

11. Broaden Your Reach.

Every business has its target audience. If your business does not have it, you must research it and stick to it. Depending on the product or service in question, your target demographic differs.
Social media is able to broaden the target audience unintentionally while you stick to your target.

12. De-Corporatize Your Brand.

By using social media and posting regularly, your business shows that it’s active. The moment a customer interacts with your post by commenting and you replying, you show that you are human and open to interaction. People love businesses that listen to their pain points.

13. Customer-Generated Content.

Traditional word-of-mouth advertising has now been overtaken by social-media-post advertising by customers. Every time a happy customer leaves a positive review or shares a picture of your product/brand, you gain marketing leverage.
Customer-generated content holds a lot of power. Unlike every other form of marketing done by the business, customer-generated content comes from the customer’s end. It is a testament of how good your brand/business is and that is exactly what future customers want to see and hear about.

14. Co-Marketing Opportunities.

Every new business has a hard time to gain popularity. Co-marketing is some type of endorsement made by those with a big following like social media influencers. Teaming up with them can benefit your efforts.

Businesses can take their time and post regularly on their social media or take advantage of the professionals that do this every day. We at Webndi do it for any business so if you need our help contact us now.