We are
your branding and marketing agency out of Rockville MD.

Who We Are

Webndi stands for
“we brand and design ideas”.
We help you grow through branding, marketing and creative design.

Our Mission

To help you achieve your goals by connecting you to your customers through great branding and marketing. 

What We Do

Branding, web design and development, and marketing are the core of Webndi. All creating the bridge between you and your clients.

Our story

Everything begins with a dream.

We crossed the oceans, we learned the language, we understood the business and we followed the rules.
We studied, we practiced, we made mistakes, we learned from them, we went uphill, we tumbled downhill, we thought we’ve made it just to realize that we’ve made some more mistakes. 

Are we experts or gurus?

Just like you, we are humans that follow our dreams and our hearts to achieve success.
We are experienced humans. 

Our 3-W's



You and your customers.
We focus on your needs and the needs of your customers by creating a creative bridge that brings both parties together.



Your success and your customer’s satisfaction.
A brand exists and succeeds only by providing superior services. We ensure your customers remember your brand and become loyalists.



Success brings more success. A happy customer influences more happy customers. Success and happiness create a positive world.