Custom Logo Design

We take pride in our ability to craft marks and logotypes that are custom-made and true to what your organization stands for.

What do we mean by custom logo design?

professional custom logo designA custom professional logo design is what we create as a visual identity for your organization after going thru a discovery session and understanding what your business stands for.

We understand who is your target audience, what is your offering and what your customer wants or what is their pain point and the problem they are looking to solve.

A custom business logo is more than a symbol that can be reproduced and used as your organization’s identity. It involves many aspects that help it stand out from the crowd and competition.
We do not provide cheap logo design services or free logo services that normally end up failing. We want you to succeed from all business aspects.

Our logo creation starts at $500 and requires your involvement in the process through communication and timely responsiveness through feedback.

We make sure to provide you with the best logo design your company deserves as part of its brand identity system.