Rule of 7(Seven): Branding and Marketing.

number seven fo the rule of seven

Rule of seven is a simple principle to follow for any business or individual starting up a business. Rule of seven is about the positive interaction of your brand/business and a prospective customer.

What is the rule of seven?

Rule of seven states that a prospect needs to interact with your brand a minimum of seven times in order to become a customer. That means that the more you use the power of organic or paid marketing the better. Chances are that most of your competition has not even heard about this rule.

What has branding to do with the rule of seven? Well. Branding has everything to do with it. Your or your company’s brand must be consistent and speak to your target customer. Proper branding usage is key.
Imagine now, that your business branding is tailored specifically for your target market. You are using this branding consistently all over the internet, all collateral, and marketing channels. In order for a prospective customer to become a paying customer, that branding should be interacting with the prospect at least 7 times.

Let’s say your business is an electrical services business. You have a working van, you wear uniforms, you use business cards to hand out to your target customer, you have a website and you have the help of your social media accounts. Let’s create our perfect world where you meet a prospect on the street and he sees your uniform with your branding(1), you hand him your business card and say what you do in a friendly manner(2). A day later, the same prospect sees your work van with the branding on it(3). Then a week or two later, a friend of the same prospect, says that you did a great job installing the recessed lighting in their living room and shows them your website in case the prospect would need electrical services(4). The same day, the prospect will see a Facebook ad featuring your branding and services(5). The other week he will see another ad on Facebook or elsewhere(6). A month later, he has a faulty breaker and decides to Google for an electrician and your business name pops up along the other 10 of your competitors(7). Guess who he will choose to fix his faulty breaker? Yes, he will choose you because of those 7 interactions with your branding made him remember your company. And a great service provided at that point may turn your company/brand into the go-to company forever.

The rule of seven is the reason why your search for Nike or Adidas and not for simply shoes. You know you buy your grocery at Whole Foods or Walmart. You know that you want an iPhone or Galaxy and not just a phone. Simple.

Great branding, great messaging and the rule of seven work miracles.

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