The Gacillia Nut

Hello everyone,

This is an unusual blog post. It is about the Kola Nut, Gacillia Nut, and Cocoa.
What nuts and Cocoa have to do with branding, web design, and marketing services? Honestly, everything. But. There is a funny catch.

Today, May 5 2021, I am getting an email inquiry from Jose Madison asking if I have time to take on a new web design project.

Well, after paying attention to the name and email address which seem OK, thinking about how busy I am, and not having enough information on the project, I reply with a Yes, but I need more information about what is needed.

A couple of minutes later, I get a new message.
Wow. What a responsible client in need of a new website ASAP. The dream client for any web designer or marketing specialist.
The message received seems legit. It comes with a great explanation of what is needed and what is not. Of course, more information would be helpful.

I read the message, understand what Jose is looking for. Examples provided. Exact match but better design for the website is no problem. I do my research about the desired web domain which is over $3000 by itself and as a good marketer would do, I do my research on the products being imported and sold, and since Jose is in a rush and today is Friday, I decided to reply with a quote before the end of the day.
All looks fine. Except, the Gacillia Nut. What is that? What nut is that? Where it comes from? Let’s Google it.
My curiosity to see the Nut ignores the All page and goes straight to Images. But. The back eyes noticed something. Well, let me see the nut first. Hm. Nothing impressive. Let me go back to the All page.

What has Gacillia Nut and Scam in common? Nothing. Or, everything.
It turns out, there is no such thing as Gacillia Nut. The email I received was intended to scam me and many other marketing people. It is around for years.

The morale of this blog post is: BE CURIOUS even if you know it all.