What logo formats do I need?

logo formats

You have your logo designed by a professional or yourself with the help of the appropriate software. There is a chance you do not know what logo file version you need.

Let’s clarify what you need.

The quick answer is that you need a transparent(no background) version of the logo which is a .PNG file.
The longer answer is that you need more than a .PNG file.

The types of logo files and what they are for:

There are vector files and raster files. Both important for their purposes.
Vector files can be scalable without losing quality while the raster files are losing the quality when scaled.

Examples of VECTOR FORMATS are: .ai, .cdr, .eps, .svg and other…
Examples of RASTER FORMATS are: .jpeg, .png.

The following file formats what normally are needed when your logo professional provides you a final logo package:

  • .ai
  • .eps
  • .pdf
  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .svg

Some of them may not be needed at all in the future, but having them, gives you a better chance of finding the right file format and not pay additional for a file that was not provided.

Who needs, what type of logo format:

  • The customer needs: .pdf, .png, .jpeg
    Normally used for social media images, word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and email signatures;
  • The designer needs: .pdf and .ai/.eps
    These files are usually needed for web designs, banner ads, animations, and marketing materials;
  • The developer needs: .svg, .png, .jpeg
    They are used for web or app development, custom emails, landing pages, and blogs;
  • The vendor needs: .pdf, .eps
    These file formats are used for business cards, t-shirt embroidery, vehicle decals, event graphics, and direct mail.

All file formats are important and the more your designer offers you the better. Chances are that if you do not have a file but have a vector file format, any other designer should not have a problem using it. The difficulty comes when you have a raster file and NO vector file. In this case, the design might have to be recreated from scratch and cost you money.

Keep you files safe and in several copies on several different places like your hard drive, cloud storage or SSD.