Why you need a logo?

A logo is oftentimes confused with the brand itself or brand identity. It’s not the same!

A brand is the total of the experience your customers and customer prospects have with your company or organization. It oftentimes is influenced by the customer and you may have very limited ability to modify it.

Brand identity is everything visual about a brand. It’s how a corporation, firm, or business presents itself to the public. Put simply: it’s what you, customers, and prospects can see.

Brand identity consists of various elements, including:

  • logo or wordmark
  • different logo variations
  • key brand colors and color palette
  • typefaces
  • typographic treatments
  • a consistent style for images and content
  • library of graphical elements
  • style guide

So what is a logo and why you need it?

At the very basic level, logos are symbols made up of text and images that help you identify your brand or brands you like. But they can be so much more! A good logo is the cornerstone of a brand. It helps customers understand what it does, what it is and what it values. That’s a lot of responsibility for a tiny image!

The main reasons you need that beautiful and one of a kind logo are as follow:

  1. Your logo tells people that you are a legit business that makes sure their brand is taken care of and that wants to be perceived by others in one way or another.
  2. A logo speaks volumes, if designed right, about your business and the customers you are serving.
  3. It is a visual element that helps people remember your company and identifies it, many times not using any text(think Apple).
  4. As a unique logo, it is supposed to differentiate your business from your competition and must help attract more customers.
  5. Your logo is a core element of your whole branding strategy that must ensure the success of your company.

Never, ever use logos that are used by other businesses. Your logo MUST be custom created by a professional that understands your business needs and brand strategy. Using a logo that can be found anywhere online or is used by others is diminishing your reputation and professionalism.
While it may be tempting to use “Do it yourself” services and AI-assisted logo creation like Tailor Brands or Looka the overall result may be the same as described above: a logo that is used by others under different names.

Always seek the help of a professional like us, to create and design a unique and recognizable logo for you or your business.
Always try to find a logo offered to you by using the reverse image search. That may help you decide on the authenticity of the offered design.

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